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HMS Tatil

HMS Tatil HMS Tatil

If holiday is ...


HMSTatil (Holiday Market Service), established in 1999 as a subsidiary of the OTI group, is a Group A Travel Agency registered with TÜRSAB. For many years, Russia and serving tourists in Turkey from Poland and employee hmstatil as an Internet portal, selling for Turkey to consumers as of 2009, users of Domestic Hotels, Worldwide Hotels, Cyprus Hotels, Flights, Domestic and International Tour, Cultural Tour of services offers. Thanks to the Vacation Package feature of HMSTatil.Com website, you can package your entire vacation including Accommodation and Flight at the most affordable prices, and you can plan your vacation on the date, concept and region you want with one click by using the Find Holiday feature.
HMSTatil offers Call Center service, which provides continuous support, as well as online, EFT / Money Transfer and instant reservation transactions by phone. HMSTatil, the address of trust in the holiday, aims to make the consumer feel with the guarantee of OTI Holding from the planning stage to the end. HMSTatil, which also launched the holiday deals site Gününtatili.com in April 2011, offers holiday and tour opportunities to holiday lovers with discounts of up to 50% every day through this website.
If it is the holiday you are looking for, HMS.


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