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MNG Kargo Yurtiçi ve Yurtdışı Taşımacılık A.Ş

MNG Kargo Yurtiçi ve Yurtdışı Taşımacılık A.Ş MNG Kargo Yurtiçi ve Yurtdışı Taşımacılık A.Ş

Always Ahead...

Established in 2003, MNG Kargo has more than 800 branches, a total of 25 transfer centers, 7 of which are Technological Transfer Centers, 14 regional directorates, nearly 10000 employees, 6500 of which are within its own organization and 3500 in its agencies, 3000 land transportation vehicles. serves with. MNG Kargo, Turkey and 220 from one end to the other in different countries around the world, day deliver world-class services in 700 thousand addresses one of Turkey's leading shipping companies.
MNG Cargo, a cargo company with the first Technological Transfer Centers in the sector, provides damage-free delivery by separating 65 thousand cargoes per hour at high speed and loading them to the line vehicles without human touch.
Since 2000, Turkey to the $ 5 billion invested more than bring succeeded in doing the counseling Turkven institutional investors and particularly Haydar Sancak with Suat Suat Sancak, including with Starboard, starboard family has bought MNG Cargo in 2017.
Turkey played a major role in the development of the cargo transportation sector in our country with the world-class service concept continues to invest in technological capital structure strengthened by MNG Cargo contemporary dynamics which earned the transport sector.


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