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Yıldız Demir Çelik

Yıldız Demir Çelik Yıldız Demir Çelik

Young Power Of The Iron-Steel Industry


Yildiz Demir Celik, the youngest member of Yildizlar Yatirim Holding, carries out production with its professional staff in order to meet flat steel needs of Turkey and become a dynamic and global actor in the iron-steel industry.
At the production facilities located on a land of 300,000 m2 in Kocaeli Alikahya Organized Industrial one, hot-rolled input material is taken into several production processes and thereafter converted to pickled hot rolled steel, cold rolled steel/batch-annealed steel, galvanized steel or color-coated final products and then offered for sale.

At these facilities with the pickling / cold rolling capacity of 1,500,000 tons/year, wide range of products are manufactured for various industries such as white goods, automotive, panel radiators, general manufacturing and construction industry.

With its environmental and human-friendly state-of-the-art technology facilities, commissioned in the first quarter of 2018, Yildiz Demir Celik maintains its manufacturing activities contributing to the country’s economy with its innovative approach.
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