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Small & Mid Size Business
4.000 TL
2.000 TL
5 user
12 Months Package
400 Offer / 12 Months
Unlimited Orders
100 Ad / 12 Months
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Small & Mid Size Business

Package Content:
  • Unlimited Demand generation

Valid for 1 year;
  • 400 offer counts to be used in any desired demand
  • 100 ad counts
  • Can define 5 users for 1 account
  • 10 ads in Sanayidebul Oppurtunity system
  • 20 demands in Sanayidebul Purchasing System
  • Metals Market Exchange data usage / Metalsmarket.net joint venture

PACKAGE Advantages  *
  • Akkaş Group 500 TL worth discount
  • HMS Tour %5 discount and additional advantages 
  • Natrasoft 2000 TL worth discount  
  • Sistem Alüminyum maturity advantages in your purchases 
  • Çağsan Merdiven / Stairs %15 discount
  • Regal Aluminium %50 discount on listed prices
 And constantly developing and expanding Sanayidebul advantages…

* You can view discount codes in your my account page.

* For detailed info visit campaigns page. 

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