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About Us

Our goal in the digitalization move is the industry sector

Sanayidebul, established to contribute to the digital transformation of the industry sector and to provide industry players with the opportunity to do business on an online platform, is an online B2B platform that brings together industrial organizations of all sizes for the purpose of requesting and receiving offers. The site, whose seeds were planted in ITU Seed Incubation Center in 2018, started its operations in 2019 with the beta version. Sanayidebul has set out with the aim of providing advantages to both large companies, which are the locomotives of the industry sector, and SMEs operating in the sector, in their trading processes. The site, where all kinds of industrial products can be listed using demand-offer and announcement modules, has a wide range of listings, from zero and second-hand industrial machines to urgently needed products and services. Sanayidebul, which provides institutions to evaluate their idle stocks, offers the opportunity to easily access and offer the products and services they need.
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