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Digital Industry Portal of Turkey

One Click Order & One Click Offer
Next Generation Purchasing & Sales 

It is easy to bid...

It is very easy and fast to respond orders.

Choose from hundreds of orders using the easy search engine tool and place your bids fast.

Its also easy to place an ad...

Opportunities in Turkey’s largest industrial site

Find the products, equipment&machinery and all your needs.
Turn ads into opportunities; Evaluate your idle stocks, sell / find 2nd hand or new machine equipment, promote your products, make campaigns / stay informed.

Create your first order

by giving pratical informations, find what you are looking for with best price and conditions.

What they tell about us...

  • Doğa Dara

    Doğa Dara

    Developer - Cofounder

    "We are waiting for your comments, criticisms and suggestions to keep our software up-to-date and to respond to the needs of our members in the most correct way.."
  • Cenk Torun

    Cenk Torun

  • Ayhan Yerekaban

    Ayhan Yerekaban

  • Sanayidebul


  • Mert Aksu

    Mert Aksu

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